iPhone URL Schemes

iPhone URL Schemes

This page centralizes code samples for URL schemes available in many iPhone applications, not only in Apple’s but in many others. It also includes programming tips and references about implementing apps registering or consuming URL schemes.
If you own an iPhone app, contact akosma software to add the schemes you’ve implemented in your application, for others to use. The important thing is to showcase code samples, ready for others to use.

variable vs. immutable

Premises with Uncertainty.

  • 0, each entity may be immutable.
  • 1, a package may be variable.
  • 2, a device could be independently variable.

Rules with Certainty.

  • 0, a programmer should not assume any entity is definitely variable.
  • 1, only package and its descendants may be locally replaced.
  • 2, an independently variable property of a device must be accessed by a function implemented in native code.

Supplements about Local-Replacing.

  • 0, “impl”, “enable” and “disable” will try to apply local-replacing for the package.
  • 1, a class can explicitly provide a Local-Replacing Method, which name should start with a “$”.
  • 2, a LRM is also an instance method.
  • 3, in a LRM, all explicitly This-Calls will try to use corresponding LRMs. – ?
  • 4, in a LRM, all explicitly Base-Calls will try to use corresponding LRMs. – ?
  • 5, in a loop, all explicitly Last-Calls will try to use corresponding LRMs. – ?
  • 6, if a LRM without a normal version of method, the runtime will generate one which works like ‘((this:clone ):$method …)’.
  • 6, if a LRM without a LRM, the runtime will try to call its normal version.